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Company Description

Brands, manufacturers and scientists seeking nutraceutical ingredients are all hoping to find the same thing: unique, safe and effective raw materials with impeccable quality specifications that are going to provide a competitive advantage that translates into positive sales growth.

The Anderson Global Group team knows exactly what you want and delivers accordingly. We’re doing our customers a favor by scouring the globe looking for cutting-edge, high-quality ingredients that will move the “sales needle.” AGG has partnered with high-end manufacturers from around the globe including Solutex, Pharmabase, Japan Bioscience Labs, Inovo Biologic, Yag Mag, Bioneutra, Shoreline Fruit and others to deliver premium nutraceutical ingredients that give AGG customers competitive advantages in innovation, price, quality and service.

Working in partnership with our key science-based manufacturers, the AGG team is composed of experts within the Omega, Bone Health, Joint Health, Digestion, Sport and Body categories with the common goal of boosting the sales revenue of your brand.

The ingredients you choose to put into your products are a direct reflection of you and your ability to deliver quality and excellence. If you choose to procure materials through Anderson Global Group, LLC, we guarantee that you will never regret your decision. Our reputation and yours is on the line every day. Working together, our reputations will undoubtedly be enhanced as we seek to strive for success in the natural products marketplace. The Anderson Global Group Team looks forward to serving you.

Key Market Areas

Omega. Solutex Supercritical concentrated omega-3 oils and Tersus Pharmaceuticals Provinal® purified omega-7 oils are at the forefront of ingredients leading the most profitable cutting-edge category in the marketplace. Solutex provides premium concentrated oils that allow for smaller capsules and higher efficacy within the cardiovascular, inflammation and skin health categories.

Bone health. Polycan® fermented polysaccharide complex (produced by Korea’s Glucan Corporation) is backed by two impressive human clinical studies, making Polycan® the most exciting new ingredient tied to bone health in the marketplace. Complemented by vitamin K2 (MK7) from Japan Bioscience Labs, the AGG bone health offerings are second to none.

Recovery. CherryPURE® Tart Cherry freeze-dried powder is the premier tart cherry source in the marketplace supported by Texas A&M human clinical studies in the areas of muscle recovery and inflammation. Celery3nB™ Celery Seed Extract is supported by compelling inflammation and blood pressure studies. Osamine® Pharmaceutical Grade Glucosamine is the crème de la crème of glucosamine options.

Digestion. Vitafiber® Isomalto Oligosaccharides from Canada’s BioNeutra is the most innovative fiber-based material ever launched in the marketplace. With a sweet taste and clinical studies indicating consumption of up to 45 grams daily with no gastrointestinal distress, Vitafiber® offers formulation flexibility and flavor enhancements never before seen in the fiber arena. Similarly compelling, Michio Kushi’s PreB® Macrobiotic Superfood is a fermented combination of 55 organically grown ingredients providing prebiotic benefits consumers swear by.

Weight management. Patent-pending Eatless™ fermented satiety complex is one of the hottest ingredients in the Asian Diet marketplace. Backed by multiple human and animal studies, Eatless™ has shown to suppress appetite by impacting neuropeptide and hormone levels tied to appetite. MoranolineAMP™ Mulberry Extract standardized to 8% moranoline is supported by compelling research in the areas of blood sugar and metabolic syndrome.

Major Products

Solutex Supercritical Omega 3 •CherryPURE® Tart Cherry Powder •Polycan® Polysaccharide Complex •Provinal® Purified Omega 7 •Vitafiber® Isomalto-oligosaccharide •EnergySmart® Carbohydrate Complex •RichBerry® High ORAC Blends •PreB® Superfood •VegiSurge® Natural Caffeine •Osamine® Pharmaceutical Grade Glucosamine •Eatless™ Satiety Complex •Celery3nB® Celery Seed Extract •MoranolineAMP™ Mulberry Leaf Extract.

What’s New?

AroniaPURE™ Aronia Powder •Ceramide-PCD™ Gluten Free Rice Ceramides •Organic MoisturLok® Humectant •EnergySmart® Soluble Carbohydrate Complex •BotaniSure™ Premium Botanical Extracts

Technology Partnerships

Solutex (Spain), Tersus Pharmaceuticals (USA), Pharmabase (Switzerland), Japan Bioscience Labs (Japan), Inovo Biologic (Canada), Yag Mag (India), BioNeutra (Canada), Shoreline Fruit (USA), Glucan Corporation (Korea), Emerson Resources (USA), Brazil Products Group (Brazil), Natsource Changsha (China)

Anderson Global Group
2030 Main St., Ste. 430
Irvine, CA 92614
Tel: (949)502-4770
Fax: (949)502-4775

Key Personnel
Russ Anderson, President
Steve Prancevic, Vice President
John Jarmul, Vice President, Marketing
Christine Beckner, Sales Director
Jeremy Willey, Sales Director












Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2015