Barlean’s Organic Oils

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Freshness You Can Feel…

Fish oil should only come from Earth’s purest and most pristine cold waters.

As your body absorbs enriched Omega-3 nutrients, a healthy and glowing transformation of energy, radiance and vitality is restored.

Dive deep into heightened mental alertness, strength and mobility.

A new healthier and balanced you has surfaced.

Fresh Catch:

• Barlean’s is the 3rd best-selling fish oil in the industry (SPINS 2010).

• Guaranteed sell-thru. Any date-expired bottle will be credited.

• Guarantee that every pure and pristine drop is the highest quality. Quality tested by stringent 3rd party testing labs.

•We choose to date our fish oils only 6 months (not up to 3 years like some other brands) to ensure the very finest fish oil available.

• National advertising support.

• FREE merchandising sell-thru tools.

• 5-Layer Oxidation Protection ensures freshness, purity and great taste.

• Trusted name: Barlean’s 4th generation fishing heritage.

• Sourced from small-bodied, low-food chain, cold water fish—naturally clean and lowest in environmental contaminants.

• Commitment to our planet. We partner with fisheries recognized for ocean stewardship and sustainability.

What’s New?

Look for Upcoming Fresh Catch® Promo

• Special buy-in discounts.

• Consumer in-store incentives.

• “Set-Click-Send” T-shirt give-away. Show your creative merchandising skills and win Fresh Catch T-shirts.

Here’s How: • Set up a Fresh Catch filled in-store merchandising display.

• Click a photo of it.

•Mail or E-mail photos to: (Limit one entry per store. Maximum two shirts per store issued.)

Call Barlean’s Customer Service: (800) 445-3529 or your local Barlean’s rep.


4936 Lake Terrell Rd.

Ferndale, WA 98248


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, November 2010