EDEN Foods

Company Description

EDEN Foods is a 42-year-old principled natural food company with more than 250 organic, ethnic, specialty and gourmet pure foods. It is one of the oldest remaining natural food and organic food companies in North America.

The finest foods are found from trusted growers and handlers. Shortcuts are never allowed. EDEN Foods has a long-standing, local first, sustainable purchasing policy.

• EDEN food is never adulterated with chemicals, preservatives, irradiation, colorings, refined sugars or genetically engineered ingredients.

• Organic beans, chilies, refried beans, and rice & beans. There are 33 varieties in custom cans with bisphenol-A (BPA)-free linings since April 1999.

• GEO-free policy since 1993.

• Irradiated food-free policy since 1988.

• ALL soy and other beans are U.S. family grown.

• Seventy-seven percent of EDEN foods are North American family farm grown.

• Full transparency; complete disclosure of ingredients and all handling.

• EDENSOY is the highest ranked organic soyfood brand of the 62 brands in North America through independent evaluation by the Cornucopia Institute.

• EDENSOY is the first soymilk in North America to be Verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project.

• All EDEN organic food exceeds USDA organic requirements.

• Selected the best food company in the world and the third best company overall by The Better World Shopping Guide.

• Organic pest management practices at all facilities.

• Company-wide commitments to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink practices.

Key Markets

Market      Number of Items

Organic                232

Natural                324

Specialty             266

Ethnic                  185

Gourmet              324 

Macrobiotic         308

Kosher                301

Non-GMO            324

Gluten Free        227

Major Offerings

Organic Beans—U.S. family farm, 33 varieties in BPA-free lined cans: Plain, Seasoned, Chilies, Rice & Beans, Refried, plus bulk in 108-oz cans

EDENSOY® organic soymilk—U.S. non-GMO whole soybeans

EDENBLEND® organic brown rice amazake and soymilk blend

Organic Pasta—artisan crafted, 25 shapes, flavors and colors, 13 whole grain

Soba & Udon—traditionally crafted, whole grain offering

Organic Fruit—sauces, butters, juices, concentrates

Grains—whole, flakes, wild rice, mochi, popcorn, bulk whole and flour

Oils—unrefined and cold-pressed vegetable

Organic Sauerkraut—old world crafted

Snacks—sulfite-free dried fruit, nuts, seeds, mixes, chips and crackers

Organic & Imported Soy Sauces—traditionally crafted and aged shoyu and tamari

Organic Tea & Infusions—green, green and herb blends, twig, herbal, and matcha stone ground green tea powder

Organic Tomatoes—crushed, diced, whole, pizza and spaghetti sauces

Organic & Imported Vinegars—non-pasteurized offerings

Imported Food, Japan—sea vegetables, miso, shoyu, condiments, dried vegetables, pickles, mirin, mochi, dried mushrooms, ponzu, kuzu root starch, bonito fish flakes, snacks, gluten free pastas

Bifa-15® ProbioticBifidobacteria longum with Lactobacillus acidophilus and Enterococcus faecium released live into the large intestine

What’s New: 2010’s Organic Crops

EDEN Organic Concord Grape Juice—pure, fresh-pressed extraordinary juice from New York’s Keuka Finger Lake organically grown grapes simply pressed and lightly filtered. No enzymes, additives or water added. Amber glass protected. Antioxidant benefit.

EDEN Organic Chili—Whole Grain and Bean Chilies: Black Bean & Quinoa, Great Northern Bean & Barley, Kidney Bean & Kamut, and Pinto Bean & Spelt. U.S. family farm organic beans and whole grain with Eden-selected 100% organic spices. Heat, stir and serve. Bisphenol-A free cans.








EDEN Foods
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Published in WholeFoods Magazine, November 2010