Garden Spot Distributors

Company Description
Garden Spot is a wholesale distributor of organic, natural and specialty foods. With more than 30 years experience in the health food industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring high-quality, healthy food to consumers across the nation.  We are dedicated to supporting small, wholesome brands and retailers that we believe can make a healthy impact on consumers’ lives.

Key Market Areas
• Gluten-free
• Vegetarian
• Vegan
• Kosher
• Organic
• Frozen

Major Products/Service Offerings
Marketing and Promotions. We offer quality marketing tools designed to increase purchase consideration, resulting in a positive shopping experience for customers.

Fulfillment. We offer B2B & B2C Web site fulfillment services.  Our fulfillment team has the ability to pack dry or frozen cases or individual units. We ship nationally as well as internationally. Both FedEx and UPS pick up at our location daily.

Storage. We offer temperature-regulated storage opportunities ranging from 0 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our services include receiving and unloading containers, picking and palletizing orders for pick up, and maintaining an accurate inventory.

Distribution. We make regular deliveries with our own fleet of refrigerated trucks throughout the Northeast, from Virginia Beach to north of Boston, westward to Pittsburgh, and everywhere in between.  We serve other customers nationwide and internationally with commercial trucking and UPS.
Back-Haul Opportunities. We have a dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles that can provide back-haul options for the small, niche, food merchant or distributor.  Our fleet of 24-foot straight trucks can handle a variety of LTL pick-ups for return trips to the Harrisburg/Lancaster area from Boston to Virginia Beach, and as far west as Pittsburgh.

What’s New?
After the completion of a brand new certified gluten-free packaging facility, Garden Spot Distributors’ own brand, Shiloh Farms, introduced a new line of certified gluten-free products.  This certified gluten-free, all-natural line offers everything from allergen-free chocolate chips to dried fruits, nuts and legumes.

Garden Spot Distributors
191 Commerce Drive
New Holland, PA 17557
Tel.: (717) 354-4936
Fax: (877) 829-5100,
(717) 354-4934
Year Founded:  1984

Key Personnel




John Clough, Owner
Amanda Byrd, Marketing Manager
Natalie Stoltzfus, Sales Manager
























Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2013