Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc.

Company Description

Pulmuone® is committed to providing Authentic Wholesome Foods featuring ingredients of the highest quality. The company proudly manufactures products for retail and club channels under multiple brands:

  • Wildwood®: Organic water pack and flavored tofu, Onederful® organic all-in-one tofu, meatless alternatives, dips, spreads, and non-dairy alternatives
  • Fit PattiesTM: Blended chicken and vegetable protein patties
  • Monterey Gourmet FoodsTM: All-natural internationally inspired pasta and ready meals
  • Emerald Valley Kitchen®: Flavorful organic salsa
  • Cibo NaturalsTM: All-natural pesto and tapenade

We are dedicated to serving consumers seeking wholesome foods made from responsibly sourced ingredients.

Key Market Areas

  • Frozen blended protein burgers
  • Refrigerated tofu
  • Refrigerated meatless alternatives and meatless burgers
  • Refrigerated dips
  • Refrigerated spreads
  • Refrigerated gourmet pasta
  • Refrigerated all-natural pesto and tapenade
  • Refrigerated ready meals

Major Products

All Pulmuone® products adhere to our strict genuinely Natural Principles, which require our ingredients to be free of artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners, ingredients containing common toxins like Hexane, MSG, hydrogenated oils, and irradiated ingredients; strive to use dairy, meat, poultry, and eggs free from synthetic hormones. We are dedicated to sourcing ingredients that are free of synthetic hormones and that are non-GMO whenever possible.

  • Tofu: Vacuum pack, water pack, baked and smoked flavored tofu in a variety of firmness, tofu, and the versatile Onederful® tofu. All of our tofu is made with sprouted soybeans. 
  • Meatless alternatives and meatless burgers: Original, Shiitake, and Southwest Veggie Burgers; flavored Meatless Meatballs; and flavored Meatless Crumbles.
  • Frozen blended protein burgers: The all-new chicken and vegetable protein blended Fit PattiesTM.
  • Spreads: Wildwood® black lentil SpreaDipsTM in three varieties and Cibo Naturals TM Pesto.
  • Dips: Emerald® Valley Salsa, Wildwood® Hummus and Wildwood® Garlic Aioli.
  • Pastas: Gourmet, internationally-inspired ravioli, rigatoni, dumplings, and pierogi.

What’s New?

  • Fit PattiesTM: A delicious blend of chicken and vegetable protein patties in multiple flavors with more protein, less fat, and fewer calories than frozen chicken patties.

  • Onederful®: The most innovative, versatile tofu on the market for use in any product application.
  • SpreaDipsTM: Flavored black lentil dips perfect for dipping or spreading.

Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc.
2315 Moore Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92833
Tel.: (800)588-7782
Online inquiry available through Web sites
Year Founded: 1955 in Korea, 1991 in the US

Key Personnel
Earnestine Benford, Marketing
Jeff Wilkins, Sales











Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2014