Bio-K+ International


Company Description

Bio-K+ International is a research-based company specialized in the development and manufacturing of scientifically proven probiotics. A patented formula of L. acidophilus CL1285® and L. casei LBC80R® are the cornerstones of our line of fresh, liquid and enteric-coated capsule product. This family-owned and -operated business was founded on the principle that financial success should come second to the improvement of human health. Since its inception, Bio-K+ has invested much more aggressively in research and clinical studies than it has in advertising. As a matter of fact, Bio-K+ is one of the supplements in the natural channel supported by published double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies. Among the company’s strengths is that it has complete control over the quality and efficacy of its products. Dr. F-Marie Luquet, a world-renowned microbiologist from the Pasteur Institute, discovered and isolated the probiotic strains of acidophilus and casei used in the formula—a formula that is patented and exclusive to Bio-K+ products. He and a team of researchers developed the technology for the manufacturing process. All of the manufacturing takes place in Bio-K+ International’s GMP-certified manufacturing facility in Canada.







Key Market Areas

Bio-K+ is 100% specialized in the field of probiotic foods and probiotic nutritional supplements.

Major Products/Service Offerings

We manufacture a comprehensive line of liquid, whole-food probiotics that come in various flavors, dairy or dairy free (which is also certified gluten-free). We also manufacture enteric-coated capsules that ideally suited to travelers who need something more shelf stable than our liquid, refrigerated line. Our product guarantees a minimum of 50 billion CFU all the way to the best-before date. Our formula is 100% probiotic bacteria with no yogurt cultures or active yeasts.

In addition to operating a full manufacturing plant and quality assurance lab, Bio-K+ has its own fundamental research laboratory, located on a nearby university campus, where researchers constantly study the behavior, characteristics and capabilities of its probiotic bacteria.

What’s New?

Our most recent new product is Bio-K+ organic rice, which is perfect for consumers who are allergic or sensitive to dairy and or soy protein. It offers all the advantages of our clinically proven formula. This year alone, clinical studies done using Bio-K+ were cited in over half a dozen medical reviews and every month new hospitals are starting to give Bio-K+ to their patients. Recently, the Canadian government awarded Bio-K+ a health claim for the risk reduction of antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) based on the findings of three separate clinical studies. Bio-K+ was also accepted into the Canadian CPS (Compendium of Pharmaceutical Specialties), the therapeutic products guide used by pharmacists. Bio-K+ International launched three new clinical studies this year that should be completed in 2013. They will further help to demonstrate just how effective Bio-K+ is.






Bio-K+ International

495 Armand Frappier Boulevard

Laval , Quebec, Canada

Tel.: (800)593-2465

Fax: (450)978-9729

Year Founded: 1994


Key Personnel

Claude Chevalier, Chairman/Co-founder

Dr. F-M Luquet, Ph.D./Co-founder

Michel Sirgent, Senior Vice President/US Development

































Published in WholeFoods Magazine, November 2012