Company Profile: Global Healing

Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, Founder of Global Healing.

Company Description

Global Healing was founded in 1998 as a natural health clinic with a strong focus on education and holistic treatment protocols utilizing the purest, and most potent supplements available worldwide. In an effort to continually source the best products available we decided to produce our own. Since 1998 we have developed a trusted reputation for having the cleanest, most efficacious natural and organic products that are free of toxic or unhealthy binders, fillers, excipients or any other unnecessary ingredients. Global Healing is a leader in the super premium manufacturing and worldwide distribution of certified organic, vegan friendly, Non-GMO products that are rooted in nature and backed by science.

Key Market Areas

• Supplements
• Liquid Herbals
• Detox/Cleansing
• Vitamins/Minerals
• Cellular Health
• Immune
• Energy
• Certified Organic
• Non-GMO Project Verified


Major Products/Service Offerings

• Oxy-Powder
• Vitamin B12
• Detoxadine
• Suntrex D3
• Turmeric
• Zinc
• Selenium
• Plant-Based Quercetin
• Plant-Based Vitamin C
• Lateroflora


What’s New?

• Supercharged C60
• Acid Reflux Relief
• Ultimate Cellular Health
• Cu1 – Cuprous Nicotinic Acid
• Heavy Metal and Chemical Cleanse

Global Healing, LLC
1242 North Post Oak Dr, Suite 100
Houston, TX 77055
Telephone: 713-476-0016
Fax: 713-476-0017
Year Founded: 1998

Pinterest: @ghchealth
Twitter: @ghchealth
Facebook: @globalhealingofficial
Instagram: @globalhealingofficial
TikTok: @globalhealing
YouTube: @GlobalHealingCenter

Key Personnel
Dr. Edward F. Group, III – CEO
Julio Torres – President
Joe Roza – VP of Marketing
Jonathan Group – Wholesale Account Manager
Molly Latham – COO