Company Profile: PurelyWild

Company Description:

PurelyWild naturals is the only truly wild-sourcing company specializing in tree medicines and wild botanicals. PurelyWild sources handpicked wild medicinal supplements from wild nature, most of which are raw. This means the enzymes are intact as found in their natural environment. All PurelyWild supplements are highly potent as they are harvested from wild nature in an unaltered state. The supplements are harvested in a sustainable fashion.

Key Market Areas:

Health food stores, especially independent retailers, as the company currently does not sell on Amazon.

Key Products:

  • PineAlive
  • PineNeedle Tea
  • Pine Needle Extract
  • SpruceAlive
  • ChagaBrew Tea
  • UltraAlive Pine Pollen
  • HempAlive
  • PurelyBlack Seed

Whats New:

Raw Pine Needle Extract, made fresh, and the Raw PineNeedle Tea.

13920 West Polo Trail, Lake Forest, Illinois
Telephone: 1-800-295-3737
Year Founded: 2020

Key Personnel
Dr. Cass Ingram, President
Jay Druham, Executive Assistant.