Company Profile: RidgeCrest Herbals

Company Description

RidgeCrest Herbals is an award-winning developer and manufacturer of safe and effective natural botanical formulas for a variety of specific health needs. A pioneer in the eclectic herbal tradition since the 1980s, RidgeCrest Herbals utilizes formulations containing ingredients from Chinese, European, Ayurvedic (India), and other natural disciplines. RidgeCrest has nearly 20 products today, each sold primarily through natural product retail locations, as well as online, including the #1 best-selling natural product in the U.S. that targets lung and respiratory health, ClearLungs. Our mission is to help people live happier, healthier, more active lives. We invite anyone interested in learning more about our company and our products to visit our website, follow us on social media, or call us at 1-800-242-4649.

Key Market Areas

  •  Health and Wellness
  •  Supplements
  •  Lung Health
  •  Sinus Health
  •  Energy
  •  Anxiety
  •  Stress
  •  Thyroid Health
  •  Liver Health
  •  Kidney Health
  •  Blood Pressure Health
  •  Blood Sugar Health
  •  Eye Health
  •  Inflammation
  •  Urinary Tract Health
  •  Immune Health
  •  Hair Growth
  •  Sleep

Major Products/Service Offerings

While RidgeCrest Herbals is most well-known for ClearLungs, we make products for thyroid, sinus, adrenal, hair, kidney, liver, eye, bladder, blood pressure, and blood sugar health, as well as products for sleep, anxiety, and inflammation balance.

RidgeCrest Herbals
3683 W 2270 S, Ste A, Salt Lake City, UT 84120
Telephone: 1-800-242-4649
Fax: 801-978-9650
Year Founded: 1994

Facebook: @rcherbals
Instagram: @rcherbals
Twitter: @rcherbals

Key Personnel
Will Christensen – President
Melissa Kenney – Operations Director
Chris Herbert – Sales Director
Nichole Petersen – Marketing Director
Brittini Gehring – QA Director

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