Company Profile: Xlear, Inc.

Company Overview

In 1848 Ignaz Semmelweis introduced and advocated for people washing their hands to improve hygiene and decrease the spread of disease. Physicians of the time mocked Semmelweis and ridiculed the idea. Now, this is a common practice. However, with modern research available, it is clear hygiene can and should improve.

Xlear, Inc. dedicates its efforts to providing transformational hygiene solutions, so people can have happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. One’s healthcare should not merely be a reactive response to mitigate symptoms and treat illness when infected or sick. Proactive prevention is crucial. Through its transformational hygiene solutions, Xlear, Inc. hopes to empower people to proactively engage in personal care that effectively utilizes prevention. Benjamin Franklin’s statement rings true in the heart of Xlear, Inc.: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Xlear, Inc. is committed to providing natural, health-enhancing products based on the safety, effectiveness, and science of xylitol, a natural ingredient found in many plants. From the beginning, Xlear, Inc. has been the industry leader, providing the newest innovations in sinus care in the natural and FDM channels with its Xlear Sinus Care line. Xlear, Inc. has also developed an oral care system, branded as Spry Dental Defense, which provides the answer to the problems presented with today’s modern diet and eating habits.


Company History

After reading the extensive research done in Finland on the benefits of xylitol, Dr. Lon Jones developed a xylitol nasal spray to treat his patients with persistent upper-respiratory infections. He successfully treated his granddaughter’s ear infections and soon began dispensing the solution to other patients with ear, nose, and throat issues. The results were astounding. In 2000, Nathan Jones, Dr. Jones’ son, founded Xlear, Inc. in order to make the nasal spray commercially available.

Recent Research

Decades ago, researchers found that xylitol inhibited bacteria from sticking to tissue. In the past year, researchers performed additional studies which showed that xylitol has the same effect on viruses like SARS-CoV-2. Researchers found that xylitol has this anti-adhesive effect by blocking receptor sites on the virus, making it unable to attach to the cell wall. Other studies performed at Utah State University and University of Geneva showed that Xlear Nasal Spray deactivated the SARS-CoV-2 virus in as little as fifteen minutes. These studies along with numerous testimonials show Xlear Nasal Spray’s efficacy in providing hygienic care that is necessary for everyone’s good health.


Product Overview

Xlear, Inc. distributes Xlear®, a natural nasal spray with xylitol. In order to provide multiple delivery options for the xylitol saline solution, Xlear Inc. also developed a nasal rinse, and a kid-friendly nasal spray. Xlear also has extended the line by adding Xlear Max with aloe and capsicum, Xlear Rescue with herbs and essential oils, and Xlear 12-Hour Decongestant for additional relief and effectiveness throughout the year.

Xlear, Inc. is also the maker of Spry®. Spry is designed to be the best Dental Defense system, providing easy access to all-day oral care in the most convenient, effective way. The Spry brand consists of a full line of products including, toothpaste, gum, oral rinse, mints, and even dry mouth spray and gel. Also included in the lineup are child-friendly toothpastes and oral care kits. All the products are made with natural ingredients and use xylitol to benefit the oral cavity. Most recently Spry has launch Spry Whitening Toothpaste.

Xlear, Inc. also distributes a natural sweetener, XyloSweet®. XyloSweet is pure xylitol, which has no equal as a dietary sweetener or food additive. XyloSweet is as sweet as sugar, has no aftertaste, and contains 40% fewer calories than regular sugar. It also has 0 net carbs, and is great for special diets, like the ketogenic diet.

Xlear Inc.
723 South Auto Mall Drive
American Fork, UT 84003
Telephone: 1-877-599-5327
Fax: 1-801-224-4283

Key Personnel:
Nathan Jones, CEO & President, VP of Marketing
Blaine Yates, VP of International Sales
Lois Mizdal, National Sales Director
Shad Slaughter, VP of Operations


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