Licata Enterprises Sustainable Algae Softgels


Licata Enterprises

Sustainable Algae
DHA 800 mg
60 softgels

You know you want it. You know your body needs it. You know your customers want it from you. High Potency DHA Omega-3 from sustainable microalgae—a vegan/vegetarian source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Now you know who has it available for YOUR PRIVATE LABEL—Licata Enterprises. This is just one of the latest of many new products we have available from our stable of more than 250 in-stock supplements for your Private Label.

Algae DHA delivers a vegan alternative to fish oil to promote healthy functioning of the brain and its cognitive function, memory, eye health, the nervous system and overall body health and joint function.* It is non-GMO and derived from a sustainable source of microalgae.

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