Alvita Celebrates 100th Anniversary, Rebranding

The relaunch features 8 herbal teas segmented by function, so consumers can find the one that fits their need.

Boca Raton, FL—In celebration of its 100-year anniversary, Alvita announced a rebranding plan. The company is committed to using single herbs that have functional benefits, and hopes the re-branding will target a broader range of consumers. 

The Global Herbal Tea market is expected to register a CAGAR of 4.94% by 2025. There are several reasons for this increased interest, including more individuals working from home out-COVID and consuming tea, pill fatigue, and incorporating herbal teas into self-care practices. 

“Our entire team is thrilled to be selling Alvita again,” said Candice St. Pierre, Ph.D., Vice-President of Sales at Twinlab Consolidation Corporation (TCC). “With 100 years of experience, Alvita is—in my opinion—the quintessential brand of health-promoting herbal teas. The brand has a lot of exciting new energy around it.”

Functional Teas for Targeted Benefits

“If you want to drink a ‘fun tea’ that doesn’t really have any benefit for your health, there are plenty to choose from,” said Gene Bruno, MS, MHS, RH(AHG), Vice President of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, in a press release. “But if you want the real deal, then Alvita is the brand for you with USDA organic, single herbal teas each providing the correct dose and brewing directions for the best possible results.”

The relaunch features 8 herbal teas segmented by function, so consumers can find the one that fits their need. As outlined in the release:

Boost: Alfalfa supports nutrition, healthy kidney function, a healthy immune system, and is beneficial for women’s health.

Detox: Dandelion supports healthy liver and kidney function. It is a go-to herb for detox, providing cleansing and digestive support.

Balance: Ginger is a versatile herb that supports healthy digestion and healthy immune function.

Chill: Hibiscus supports healthy cardiovascular function. Its rich in antioxidants and cooling for the body.

Nourish: Nettle is a nourishing tea. It supports women’s health and healthy joint function.

Purify: Red clover is a mild diuretic and supports circulation and lymph movement. 

Eliminate: Senna is a natural laxative that can be used to relieve occasional constipation. It supports healthy digestion by encouraging elimination.

Activate: Turmeric Root supports healthy skin, and healthy liver function.

Alvita has remained committed to a focus on high quality, 100% organic and Kosher certified products. The rebranded SKUs will be on shelf in health food stores nationwide starting in July 2022. The full range comes in a box with 16 tea bags retailing at $6.99 (SRP).

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