Cambridge Naturals Is Growing and Forbes Notices

Natural health store Cambridge Naturals (MA) was recognized in Forbes as one of The Best Small Companies of 2018. The store was founded by Michael Kanter and Elizabeth Stagl and is now managed by their daughter Emily and her husband Caleb Dean. It currently has 24 employees and drew attention when it started paying $15 per hour.

Forbes reports Cambridge Naturals is one of the oldest, thriving health stores in Boston. Michael Kanter says employees research products and ingredients as well as vendors to ensure quality and make sure their customers are buying the best.

The store is expanding and opening a second location in the Boston Landing neighborhood of Brighton in the summer of 2018. Click here to read their blog for more information.

Congratulations to Cambridge Naturals for making the list! You can check them out along with the other small businesses in the article here.

And here’s a video featuring Emily.