Danone, Full Harvest Collaborate to Address Food Waste

Photo provided by Full Harvest.

San Francisco, CA—Full Harvest in collaboration with Danone North America, announced a new product line that addresses food waste by utilizing rescued foods on the market. The first product in the line, Two Good ‘Good Save’ yogurt, is made with Full Harvest Verified Rescued Meyer Lemons that would have been wasted due overproduction, a lack of secondary markets for the farmer, or cosmetic blemishes. There are plans in the works to launch additional flavors in 2021.

“With the launch of the Two Good ‘Good Save’ line in partnership with Full Harvest, Danone North America is at the forefront of the food waste reduction movement and is helping farmers get the most from their harvests,” said Christine Moseley, Founder and CEO of Full Harvest, in a press release. “We’re thrilled to help Two Good make a great-tasting product by creating a sustainable and resilient supply chain made of Full Harvest Verified Rescued Meyer lemons.”

Full Harvest works with farmers to identify produce that will go to waste, and to connect those farmers with food and beverage company buyers on its digital marketplace fostering a supply chain of sustainability. The company also provides independent, third-party verification and a seal indicating that the produce would otherwise have gone to waste.

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“By rescuing fruit that would have been otherwise wasted and creating this innovation, we are taking purpose a step further by building an even more sustainable business model while also prioritizing the planet,” shared Surbhi Martin, Vice President of Marketing at Danone North America. “Alongside our partners at Full Harvest, our team pledged to make a positive impact on food waste with the introduction of our Good Save product – a commitment to our planet and communities that is underscored by donating 100% of profits during Earth Week in April of this year to food rescue organizations City Harvest and We Don’t Waste, and launching the industry’s first one-for-one model with our One Cup, Less Hunger program this fall.”