GT’s Living Foods Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Los Angeles, CA—GT’s Living Foods is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the introduction of Sacred Life, a special and limited-edition kombucha drink that will only be available during GT’s Living Foods 25th anniversary year. 

“I began bottling traditionally handcrafted kombucha 25 years ago with a mission to bring authentic fermented food to Western World,” said GT Dave, Founder and CEO of GT’s Living Foods, in a press release. “I feel blessed and humbled that in many ways kombucha chose me as its steward which has allowed me to share a global message that living foods and all forms of life are sacred. I look forward to amplifying this message with even more people around the world for years to come.”

He continued, “With the new Sacred Life Kombucha, we’re displaying it in a limited-edition Sacred Geometry-inspired embossed glass bottle that showcases the ‘Flower of Life.’ The ‘Flower of Life’ is an extension of our Lotus Flower (seen on all our packaging) which has been a symbol (of) our brand for over two decades.”

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The limited-edition Sacred Life Kombucha is a vibrant blue color that does not usually appear in most natural food items. This bright blue hue is due to the alkaline-rich blue spirulina, one of the many raw and natural ingredients in the drink. Other ingredients are fresh pressed ginger and young coconut water. Sacred Life is traditionally handcrafted, USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. GT’s Living Foods products also contain microbes to benefit natural systems of the body.