KeHE Presents 16 On Trend Winners at Holiday Show

Naperville, IL—KeHE Distributors reported that its virtual Holiday ShowHolidays of Hope, which took place June 8-15, as a record-breaking success drawing retailers from across the U.S. joining in to experience fourth quarter buying.

“The success of this year’s Holidays of Hope virtual show was a culmination of the company’s proactive work to go digital, and we are proud to say that it has been our most successful show yet,” Brian Wilkinson, KeHE Chief Information Officer, said in a press release. The release explained that KeHE began to pivot to virtual in Fall 2018, holding its virtual show in October 2019. This proactive commitment to digital, the release notes, set the stage for a smooth transition to 2020’s virtual Holidays of Hope.

“Over the last few years, we have embarked on a journey to become the Next Generation distributor,”Wilkinson added. “Through KeHE’s strategic growth of in-house technology solutions, we have been able to gradually expand our digital event offerings and ultimately launch our first company-wide virtual show.”

As part of the show, KeHE presented it On Trend Awards to brands excelling in innovation, purpose, ingredients and salability. The 16 On Trend winners are:

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