Numi Initiative Provides Clean Water to Support Ukrainians

Numi Organic Tea is partnering with Waves for Water and MPOWERD. The goal: to raise up to $1 million in an effort to provide clean, safe drinking water to nearly 550,000 displaced Ukrainians.

supporting Ukraine

Oakland, CA—Numi Organic Tea is partnering with Waves for Water and MPOWERD. The goal: to raise up to $1 million in an effort to provide clean, safe drinking water to nearly 550,000 displaced Ukrainians. The Together for H2OPE: Ukraine initiative will also provide lights and charging devices to those in need. 

“We have moved swiftly to meet the immediate humanitarian crisis in Ukraine,” said Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Numi Foundation Executive Director. “The situation is dire for the 7.1 million Ukrainians who have been internally displaced by the Russian invasion. With municipal infrastructure destroyed, they are forced to collect water from dirty puddles and streams. Thanks to our partnership with Waves for Water and MPOWERD, Together for H2OPE: Ukraine has the opportunity to provide 550,000 desperate Ukrainians with access to the clean water, light, and power that will sustain them through the invasion, while supporting long-term health as the nation rebuilds.”

Supplying Water and Tech for Ukranians

In collaboration with Waves for Water, Together for H2OPE: Ukraine aims to distribute 22,000 water filters throughout Ukraine. The Waves for Clean Water Corps will be on hand to contribute on-the-ground support. Over 12 years, Waves for Waters has distributed water filters across the globe. The group has ensured clean water access to 4 million people in more than 40 countries. 

“Ukraine has been the most challenging project we have done to date,” said Rob McQueen, Waves for Water Field Operations Director. “The work our veteran teams have put in to develop the necessary networks and reach displaced and isolated people in contested areas has been nothing short of incredible. With the amount of focus on refugees and combatants, we are proud of the work our teams and partners in Ukraine have done to reach the areas and people other organizations cannot serve.” 

The addition of technology support is made possible by the partnership with MPOWERD. Ukrainian families will have the ability to charge mobile phones, connecting them with loved and essential services. MPOWERD has worked with 700 NGOs over the last 10 years, impacting more than 3.8 million lives in over 90 countries and averting over 2.5 million tons of CO2.

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“Much needed funding has been provided towards lethal aid,” remarked John Salzinger, MPOWERD’s Founder. “What we are all collectively trying to do, in parallel, is provide necessary and timely humanitarian aid to those internally displaced people inside Ukraine.”

The work of Together for H2OPE: Ukraine wouldn’t exist without the supportive partnership of Emad “Gianni” Ballack, Numi shared. Located in Kyiv, Ballack is the founder of ZiBox e-commerce and a restaurant owner. Ballack has provided transportation to Ukrainians by setting up a delivery network that utilizes the same passenger vans for transporting refugees out of the country. 

To donate or support Together for H2OPE: Ukraine, visit All proceeds will go towards the distribution of water filtration systems, solar-powered lights and charging devices to internally displaced Ukrainians. 

Caring for Communities

Numi’s Together for H2OPE initiatives have been giving back to communities in need since 2016. The organization has invested in several infrastructure projects in Numi farming communities, such as building wells and sanitation facilities. Water filtration systems were installed to support over 10,000 farmers and families throughout India, Madagascar, and South Africa. 

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