Superfood Bar Goes Vegan

Image courtesy of LivBar.

Salem, WA—In an effort to put out more inclusive products, Liv Foods, Inc. has announced that their brand LivBar is going vegan, as part of an effort to make more nutritious, organic, and allergen-free products.

As part of this transition, LivBar will be making several changes to their ingredient list. Honey will now be replaced with coconut nectar, as the press release explains that coconut nectar is less likely to cause bloating or hypersensitivity. Brown rice will be swapped for organic sorghum, which LivBar finds to be more nutrient-dense and sustainable. Sesame will now be replaced with millet, as LivBar is hoping to maintain the crunch factor while reducing allergens: CEO Wade Brooks points out that, effective 2023, sesame seeds will be declared a major allergen by the government. “Part of our desire to make our products inclusive and accessible to all is, of course, by limiting or completely eliminating the use of ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions,” he shares in the press release. “Since learning about this, we’ve done research about how we can eliminate the use of sesame seeds without drastically altering the taste of our products.”

Baking soda will no longer be found in any of the products. This decision comes after LivBar has determined that baking soda doesn’t provide nutritional benefits or flavor. It was stated in the press release that removing it also has the benefit of increaseing the products’ organic percentage.

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Commenting on the changes, Brooks said: “Ultimately, our goal is to make it easier for health-conscious individuals to have access to truly healthy and delicious snacks. But the move to make our products vegan and more organic is not only fueled by our desire to be inclusive, but also to be more Earth-friendly.”

The Oregon-based company will continue to use compostable wrappers. LivBar products are all dairy-free, corn-free, non-GMO, and soy-free.

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