Reviva Labs Collab Fosters Health & Beauty Brand Advocates

Working together, Reviva and ExpertVoice will empower store associates to learn more about Reviva products to create enthusiastic brand advocates.

Haddonfield, NJReviva Labs shared the news of its new collaboration with ExpertVoice, the world’s largest advocacy marketing platform powered by experts, to extend its education and training to store employees and industry professionals. Participants are rewarded with exclusive opportunities and incentive pricing.

According to a press release from Reviva, ExpertVoice provides more than one million experts with the opportunity to amplify their expertise and improve the recommendations they give to friends, family, and customers.

“ExpertVoice allows us to engage with store employees and others to expand their knowledge of Reviva and our products with quick tutorials and follow-up questions,” said Nancy Reimer, Reviva’s Director of Education and Training, in the release. “Associates can receive free or discounted products to experience Reviva products so they can in turn recommend Reviva based on their own positive results.”

Reviva noted that the firsthand product knowledge and access to hands-on experience helps experts improve the strength and integrity of recommendations they give to consumers. The company added that people who work in retail or the health and beauty industry and get asked for recommendations on what to buy may qualify as an expert. To learn more and complete the sign-up process, visit