21 Days to Supercharge Your Weight Loss and Increase Energy

Radical Metabolism – My Interview with Ann Louise Gittleman

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“More than one-third of Americans are obese, although many have been dieting for decades. Why? No diet in the world will work if your metabolism has turned toxic, and no disease can be healed if your cell membranes are unhealthy. Cell membranes require certain types of fat to perform their metabolic duties, but no amount of “good” dietary fat will be beneficial if your gallbladder is ailing or you have congested bile. This is the reason ketogenic type diets often fail.”

Ann Louise Gittleman offers a new wave of hope! In Radical Metabolism, she explains the “forbidden fat” you should never stop eating, (spoiler alert: it’s Hemp Oil) common omega-6 myths and misunderstandings, the forgotten healing power of bitter foods, the powerful health-promoting, fat-busting, mood-lifting properties of coffee—and much more.

Why is gallbladder surgery now the single most common elective surgery in the US? Why is hypothyroidism seven times more likely among those with gallbladder issues or inadequate bile? Why do 50 million Americans now suffer from at least one autoimmune condition? Ann Louise Gittleman examines these issues in her new book, Radical Metabolism.

Ann Louise addresses prevailing myths about the underlying cause of weight gain and weight loss resistance, thyroid dysfunction, gallbladder disease, and autoimmunity. She uses cutting edge science to connect the dots in a completely new way. She focuses on steps that will rev up your metabolism for health, vibrancy, and longevity. This is a guide you help you choose nutrition and lifestyle that will help you move forward. It’s not a magic fix but rather based on the latest science and understanding of metabolism.