The Future of Liposome Nutrition (Podcast)

A Healthquest Podcast by Steve Lankford

If you follow nutritional science then you are likely to be familiar with liposome supplements. Liposomes are basically a nutrient wrapped in a layer of fat (phosphatidylcholine, an important beneficial fat molecule). This is the same way that nutrition is delivered to babies through breast milk. Little fat bubbles fulled with nutrients. Liposomes are sometimes used to deliver drugs to specific targets in the body. Liposomes are also used to deliver nutrients into the body. Liposomes are better at delivering that nutrient into the cell than powders which make up most tablets and capsules. The phosphatidylcholine part of the liposome is then added as a healthy fat to cell membranes. These are important distinctions in the delivery system that determine how well your supplements are absorbed and utilized

Dr. Blair is expanding his research into using liposomes to deliver nutrients to the body which have previously been very difficult to administer as a dietary supplement. In this interview we will discuss using liposomes to deliver glutathione orally. Glutathione is considered the master antioxidant in the body but it is not absorbed well as a dietary supplement. Increasing glutathione in the body is considered by many to be the holy grail of antioxidant nutrition.


Glutathione is only one of many nutrients that doesn’t absorb easily. We are just beginning to see these novel nutrients emerging into the marketplace. Now we can deliver these previously difficult nutrients into the body AND we can begin to explore the effects this has on human health. This is where the liposome technology developed by Dr. Blair and clinical research intersect. Dr. Blair also discusses his early research on delivering nutrients from herbs that previously might not be easily absorbed as capsules or even standardized extracts. Using liposome technology opens up a large area of research into the health benefits of challenging nutrients. Dr. Blair discusses his research with liposomal green tea.

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