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Spry Cinnamon Toothpaste
is the latest addition to Xlear’s Spry Dental Defense System line of xylitol-based flavored toothpastes. Like all products in the line, this addition is a fluoride-free, natural tartar control formula that contains aloe. The toothpaste helps to clean and moisturized the mouth while freshening breath at the same time.

The natural sugar-alcohol xylitol makes up 25 percent of the toothpaste. Xylitol is a natural sweetener, clinically proven to lower the risk of tooth decay and that may reduce the risk of dental caries. The toothpaste is a menthol-free way to clean one’s teeth and freshen breath, according to the company. “Our cinnamon gum is one of our most popular flavors, so we wanted to capture that flavor and freshness in new toothpaste,” says Blaine Yates, president of Xlear, Inc. 4.0 oz tubes of Spry Cinnamon Toothpaste are available on the company’s Web site, as well as at thousands of health food and natural products stores nationwide.

Also new from the folks at Xlear is a unique, natural teeth whitening program called Spry White. The system uses xylitol, Perogel and the patented VIOCIN Whitening Technology to help whiten teeth, in what is the only natural teeth whitening formula market, according to the company.

The two-stage whitening process requires about an hour per application. First, Perogel is used to remove particles imbedded in teeth enamel that cause discolartion. Then, VIOCIN is employed to promote whitening while infusing the enamel with calcium, thus strengthening the teeth as well as reducing their sensitivity. VIOCIN utilizes light spectrum technology in a violet gel, in order to enhance the whitening effects of Perogel. It also allows for a reduction in the amount of bleaching necessary and results in a bright, white look.

“We have combined clinically proven natural ingredients and dental technologies to provide people with a healthier whitening formula that delivers brighter smiles and better oral health,” says Yates. The Spry Dental Defense System family of products also includes Spry Toothpaste, Spry Oral Rinse, Spry Tooth Gel, Spry Sponge Floss, Rain Oral Mist and various mints and chewing gums.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2011