Mustard Seed Series: Community Involvement

This article continues our series on building consumer trust, with insight from Abraham and Gabe Nabors, owners of Mustard Seed Market and Café, given during a recent NPA webinar.

One thing that Gabe and Abraham say is part of their mission is serving the needs of North Ohio, where their business is based. Part of this is through using local products whenever possible, but another aspect is taking part in many community events as they can. Not only does this drive trust by showing consumers that you have a vested interest in the community, but it also allows your business to gain the attention of those who didn’t know about it before. For natural goods retailers in particular, they suggest targeting physical activity-based events, as the people there are going to be the ones most receptive to your products.

Partnering with other local business can also be a way to further community involvement. When asked about some of their most successful promotions, the Nabors cited a deal they had with a local yoga studio. People who attended a yoga class got a free smoothie at their stores, while people who brought a store receipt to the studio were able to get a free class. By working with a business with a clientele predisposed to interest in natural goods, both sides benefited from the increased awareness and publicity. Community events are also a great way to gain e-mail addresses for companies trying to build up their email lists.



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