Congress Passes DASCA

On December 11, 2014, Congress passed the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act (DASCA), which is intended to protect consumers from anabolic steroids that are falsely promoted as sports supplements.

The passage of this new bill was a top priority for several industry groups, including the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) as a solution to stopping anabolic steroids illegally being sold as dietary supplements. “DASCA will protect consumers as well as responsible companies by empowering the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) with new tools to identify and rapidly respond when illegal drug,” the group stated.

Additional anabolic steroids will be placed on the DEA Controlled Substance List, and DASCA will also allow DEA to “quickly crack down on criminals creating new anabolic substances,” said CRN.

Other industry groups showing their support of the legislation include the American Herbal Products Association, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, the Natural Products Association and the United Natural Products Alliance.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine Online, 12/15/14