FDA Needs $4.7 Billion for Food Safety

Silver Spring, MD—The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing a budget of $4.7 billion for fiscal year 2014 budget (Oct. 1, 2013–Sept. 30. 2014). 

The agency estimates that new and existing industry user fees will fund 94% of this amount, and the rest will go to programs needed “to preserve the safety of medical products and meet the agency’s growing duties.”

The agency says the budget is tight, as it cut $15 million in spending for human drug, biologics, and medical device programs. The budget allots $295.8 million over its 2012 numbers for food safety, which are will help implement mandates outlined the Food Safety Modernization Act. Proposed are a food facility registration and inspection fee, a food importer fee and fees to support its cosmetic and food contact substance notification programs.

Also of interest to our industry is an extra $10 to conduct food and drug safety inspections in China. Other allotments include money to consolidate FDA’s White Oak headquarters, medical countermeasure initiatives.


Published in WholeFoods Magagzine, June 2013 (online Apr. 30, 2013)