L-Glutamine Levels Enhanced with Branded L-Alanylglutamine

New York, NY—New research indicates there may be an effective way to enhance levels of l-glutamine in the blood. This amino acid plays a vital role in cell proliferation, provides the fuel for respiration, supports muscle recovery after exercise and enhances healthy immune function.

On four separate occasions, researchers from various institutions (including U.K.’s Junipa Ltd., the University of Central Florida and the Institute of Naval Medicine in the U.K.) gave eight young men drinks containing l-glutamine. Drinks either contained 60 mg/kg of the amino acid; 89 mg/kg of a branded l-alanylglutamine (Sustamine, from Kyowa Hakko, based here); 200 mg/kg of wheat protein with an l-glutamine content of 31 mg/kg; or water only.

Except for the control drink, all beverages helped raise blood plasma levels of l-glutamine.  The branded ingredient, however, had the highest average peak at 284 μmol/L (±84). This beat out the l-glutamine drink (179 ± 61 μmol/L) and the wheat protein drink (134 ± 36 μmol/L). The effect of Sustamine also lasted the longest at four hours; this was double the other formulas.

According to the research team, “The results suggest a greater transfer from the gut to plasma of L-Gln when supplied as AlaGln and possibly also as HWP compared with when the same dose was provided as the free amino acid.”

These results are published in Nutrition Research.


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2012 (online 5/16/12)