Superfruit Supports Healthy Circulation

New Brunswick, NJ—New data published in Phytomedicine suggest that a vitamin C-packed superfruit may help support healthy blood circulation in the body.

Ten type-2 diabetics were either given one dose of a patented Indian gooseberry extract (Phyllanthus emblica as 500 mg Capros from Natreon, based here), 75 mg of an antiplatelet drug called clopidogrel, 75 mg of aspirin, Indian gooseberry plus clopidogrel or Indian gooseberry plus aspirin. After a washout period, the extract was given twice daily, while the other regimens were maintained.

After the single and multiple doses and combinations, the extract (twice daily) reduced platelet aggregation by more than 36%; clopidrogel did so by 50% (75 mg once daily) and aspirin by 51% (75 mg once daily). Taking the extract with these drugs marginally increased their platelet aggregation to 53% and 56%, respectively. 

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, March 2014 (online 1/27/14)