NPA to Teach Retailers to “Build Consumer Trust”

Washington, D.C.—In a Web presentation hosted by the Natural Products Association (NPA), retailers will have the opportunity to learn how to create consumer confidence and better relationships with their customers. The one hour presentation is slated for Wednesday, May 28 at 2 P.M. Eastern.

The presentation, which is free for NPA members and $49 for nonmembers, will feature Abraham and Gabe Nabors, owners of Mustard Seed Market & Cafe in Ohio. The event will be moderated by WholeFoods Magzine publisher Heather Wainer, and will touch on a number of relevant areas. The speakers will share their philosophies on communicating core values, customer service, staff education, creating promotions and “walking your talk.” They will also dispense specific advice on staying ahead of trends, engaging with the community, hosting food tastings, generating customer feedback and more.

To register, follow this link to NPA’s Web site