“Weathering the Storm”—Webinars Offer Advice for Brands & Retailers

How do you set your business up for success during uncertain times? Daniel Lohman, CPSA, CPG, of Brand Secrets and Strategies, is answering that question in his webinar series. “Because of these uncertain times, a lot of brands are struggling to figure out what do they do next,” Lohman says. “How do they succeed? How do the compete more effectively?”

Lohman notes that while no one knows for certain how the COVID-19 public health crisis will impact shopper behaviors–and sales for natural products brands and retailers. But, he stresses, people want healthy products more now than ever, and brands and retailers can work together to better weather this storm. Lohman will be sharing insights for both manufacturers and retailers in a free webinar tited “How Do You Future Proof Your Store In Uncertain Times?” being brought to you by WholeFoods Magazine and Brand Secrets and Strategies.

Register for the event, which will take place on Friday, April 10, 9:00 AM MST, here. Participants are encouraged to send questions in advance, so they can be addressed during the presentation. Send any questions to editor@wfcinc.com, with the subject line “Future Proof.”

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