Consumers Are Making it a Green Christmas

This year, more consumers are “going green” for the holidays. USA Today reports that people are looking for non-wasteful gifts that won’t harm the environment.

A Nielsen report issued in November found that 68% of Americans said it’s critical that businesses put programs in place to better the environment, and 48% said they’d shift their consumption habits to lessen their ecological impact.

In regards to millennials, 83% say it matters greatly that companies take steps to improve the environment, while 75% said they would alter their habits.

Additionally, 66% say they support businesses that are transparent about materials and sources and 62% are attracted to those that reduce waste.

This can impact gift-giving says the article, with consumers opting for metal straws rather than plastic (which can be great stocking-stuffers).

iTunes also makes a great option to reduce physical gifts/clutter. Clothing rental services also are an option to reduce waste and encourage minimalist lifestyles. Organic wine/chocolates can also make great gifts and support the environment.

Check out the full article here for more ideas on sustainable resources and brands.

Happy shopping!