inner-ēco Rebrand Focuses on Health and Mission

Denver, CO–Probiotic beverage manufacturer and mission-based company inner-ēco announced a new logo and package design for its probiotic coconut water line. The new look is designed to appeal to the health-conscious community and inspire customers to support the company’s mission.

“Consumers have embraced inner-ēco since its inception because our products are so effective and high quality,” said co-founder and CEO Barb Vogel, in a press release. “We are excited to share our refreshed look, which mimics inner-ēco’s mantra: a serious probiotic with a bubbly personality!”

Proceeds from inner-ēco products go toward freeing enslaved people across the globe. Over the past decade, the company’s charitable efforts have freed at least six slaves a month, or more than 720 lives.

In addition to probiotic coconut water, inner-ēco offers frozen smoothie packs that offer a unique dairy-free option. Find out more about inner-ēco here.