Litehouse to Acquire Sky Valley Foods

Sandpoint, ID–Litehouse Inc., a salad dressing manufacturer, announced their acquisition of Sky Valley Foods, maker of organic shelf-stable dressings, condiments, marinades, and sauces, effective June 1, 2019. This acquisition will help Litehouse grow its portfolio with center-store, clean, organic products, according to a press release.

As part of the deal, Litehouse will acquire a 132,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility in Danville, VA, expanding the company’s manufacturing presence on the East Coast. “Coupled with our IdahoMichigan and Utah facilities, we continue to expand our ability to meet growing consumer demand with state-of-the-art manufacturing operations,” said Kelly Prior, president of Litehouse, in the release.

Sky Valley Foods founder Rachel Kruse will join the Litehouse team to help facilitate the strategy and direction of the Organicville and Sky Valley brands and products.