Once Again Almond Butter Enhances Production Technology

Its state-of-the-art line includes increased efficiency and automation

Almond Butter on table
Courtesy of Once Again Nut Butter

Nunda, NYOnce Again Nut Butter announced that the company has enhanced its production facility with cutting-edge technology. Its creamy almond butter will now get a boost in production, with innovative, automated equipment. The upgrade includes a 100-horsepower mill and roaster, with increased production capability. In addition, the company added a larger filler, to allow for double the quantity of butter. Further, the brand plans to add a crunchy system.

Once Again offers its almond in organic and natural selections. Moreover, its derived from ethically sourced almonds. The nuts are dry roasted until they reach maximum flavor.

Once Again’s offerings include: organic creamy roasted, organic crunchy roasted, organic lightly toasted creamy, organic lightly toasted crunchy, natural creamy roasted, natural crunchy roasted, natural lightly toasted creamy, natural no-stir creamy, and keto-friendly blanched almond butter. Recycled 16-oz. glass jars and squeeze packs are accessible to retailers. Also 5lb, 9lb, and 35lb bulk tubs for foodservice and industrial customers are available.

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