2010 Retailer of the Year Announced

Portland, OR—New Seasons Market, based here, was chosen as the 2010 WholeFoods Magazine Retailer of the Year. Founded in 1999 by three families whose goal was to create a store based on the principles of community, sustainability and giving back, the company now boasts 12 locations with an average size of about 30,000 ft2 with full-service meat, bakery and deli departments. A total of approximately 1,700 staff members are employed by New Seasons, which focuses on giving back to the community as much as possible, working with organizations such as Loaves & Fishes, the Meals-on-Wheels People and featuring a cooking school with courses ranging from gluten-free cooking to cheesemaking.

New Seasons also places a strong emphasis on buying locally as part of its Homegrown Program. The company says, “We believe in having a personal relationship with our local farmers, ranchers, fishers cheese makers, brewers, vintners coffee roasters and manufacturers. To us, buying and eating local is more than just a business model. It’s a passion and a way of life.”

A full article on New Seasons Market will be featured in the July issue of WholeFoods.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, June 2010