Axiom CEO Summit Discusses Regulations Across Sectors

Marina del Rey, CA—Axiom Foods hosted their fourth annual CEO Summit on March 6, 2019, covering topics ranging from tooth decay to beauty regulations to organic fraud, according to a press release.

David Janow, CEO of Axiom Foods, opened discussions by noting that “Certifiers are not doing their job and companies are not testing for GMOs and pesticides. Consumers are willing to spend more money on organic products, but are being duped, as some of the ingredients in those foods have been falsely certified organic.”

Ann Jones Kazemezadeh of Kay’s Naturals, discussed an issue that KIND is currently petitioning the FDA to regulate: “High protein is a consumer hot button, so products like Cheerios are calling out ’11 grams of protein with milk’ in their marketing, but eight of those grams are in the milk.” The same old problems are still here; companies are just marketing around them.

The release also noted that Alina Morse, 13-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Zollipops, gave a presentation regarding the use of acid and sugar to extend the shelf-life of food, creating an epidemic of tooth decay amongst children. And Shalini Vadhera, CEO of Passport to Beauty, was quoted as saying, “Beauty ingredient laws in the U.S. have not changed since 1925.” Vadhera cited a case study that found that Kylie Jenner’s lip kit was a counterfeit product from China that contained glue.

And, of course, there was a presentation on CBD. Dr. Mary Clifton, cannabis expert, said: “The social stigma of CBD and cannabis is reducing dramatically, but studies show that dispensary workers have about an hour of education before getting behind the cash register. That’s business training, not the pharmaceutically trained information they really need to impart to their customers.”