Carbon-Neutral Food Company Gains Celeb Backing

All-star investors support the company's vision for developing a more sustainable food system.

Portland, Oregon—Neutral Foods, a carbon-neutral food company, announced funding with several celebrity investors who support the company’s vision for developing a more sustainable food system. Among the backers: NBA stars Lebron James and Kevin Love, musicians John Legend and Questlove, and  author Emily Ratajkowski. The new investors will be joined by previous investors Mark Cuban, and Bill Gates-founded Breakthrough Energy Ventures, according to a press release.

Neutral works directly with dairy farmers to reduce the carbon footprint of its products by implementing strategies to drive down carbon emissions, the company shared, adding that what can’t be reduced is offset by purchasing carbon credits from U.S. dairy farmers who turn cow emissions into renewable energy.

Love spoke highly of the company’s commitment to supporting the environment. “I’m inspired to help people live their healthiest lives and that includes doing what we can to protect the environment,” he said in the release. “Neutral is revolutionizing the food industry, giving consumers an easy way to make daily choices that positively affect our carbon footprint.”

“Thanks to this early round of funding and belief in our brand and mission, we are well poised to continue to raise funds and awareness for our dairy products that consumers can immediately feel great about buying,” said Marcus Lovell Smith, CEO, Neutral Foods, in the release. “We make it so simple for consumers as every single purchase of our milk, cream and half-and-half helps fight climate change.”

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The company’s carbon-neutral milk was named by Whole Foods Market as a top 10 trend for 2022, and now Neutral Foods is looking to expand its product distribution. By summer, the company hopes to reach 1,200 stores, and to double that by the end of the year.”N