Essential Formulas Science Director Publishes Paper Shifting Focus to Postbiotics

Dallas, TX—Ross Pelton, R.Ph., Ph.D., CCN, director of science at Essential Formulas, has published a paper in the June 2019 edition of The Townsend Letter, the Examiner of Alternative Medicine.

The paper, titled Postbiotic Metabolites: The New Frontier in Microbiome Science, places a heavy emphasis on identifying postbiotic metabolites, according to a press release.

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Dr. Pelton said in the release: “For several decades, the primary focus of microbiome science has been identifying and naming specific species and/or strains of bacteria.” However, he continues, “When postbiotic metabolites are ingested, they immediately improve the health of the GI tract by adjusting the acid level towards an optimum, slightly acidic pH, thus reducing inflammation, accelerating the growth of healthy new cells in the intestinal lining, and eliminating pathological bacteria.”

The release notes that Dr. Ohhira’s multi-year fermentation process enables probiotic bacteria to digest prebiotic foods, resulting in over 525 different postbiotic metabolites.

The full paper can be read here.