Food Supplements Europe Gains Five New Members

Brussels, Belgium–Food Supplements Europe (FSE) has gained five new members, according to a press release: four European trade bodies and an Australia-based supplements supplier.

According to a press release, AFEPADI of Spain, SFSA of Slovenia, SISTE, of Italy, and SANI of Switzerland, have become member associations, while Swisse Wellness has become a company member. FSE, which is based in Brussels, now has 30 members in total, with 14 national associations and 16 companies.

The press release states that one of FSE’s top priorities is to build an understanding of the benefits that supplements provide for public health and how they can be integrated into nutrition policy.

Patrick Coppens, FSE’s director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs said in the release, “Our aim is to increase understanding of the correlation between supplementation, well-being and lowering the cost of healthcare provision, which continues to rise across the EU.”