Gadot Educates Formulators on Necessity of Magnesium

Haifa Bay, Israel—Gadot Biochemical Industries is launching a campaign to educate formulators about the need to add magnesium to various foods, supplements, and beverages, according to a press release.

The release notes that magnesium is vital for a variety of bodily processes—it is involved in nearly all major metabolic pathways, including production of energy, protein synthesis, and neuromuscular stability; vitamin D cannot be metabolized without sufficient magnesium; a lack of magnesium can lead to symptoms such as migraines, high blood pressure, fatigue, and more. Yet, while the current average daily recommended intake is 300mg for men and 250mg for women, most people are getting 175-225mg daily, thanks to increased consumption of processed foods and use of pesticides.

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Ohad Cohen, CEO at Gadot, said in the release: “Magnesium is an often-overlooked mineral for modern supplement, nutrafood and beverage formulas, and it is clear that typical consumers aren’t obtaining enough… Gadot is embarking on a campaign to emphasize the importance of obtaining enough magnesium, as well as the best form for bioavailability and efficacy.”

To that end, the release notes that magnesium citrate is most soluble in gastric acids, leading to peak absorption. Gadot sells several magnesium solutions, including a Gadosport line featuring magnesium intended to promote desirable mineral balance before, during, and after sports activities.