Heel USA Hosts Editors’ Weekend

Albuquerque, NM—Homeopathic medicine supplier Heel USA held an editors’ summit in early October.

The opening night of the event featured a presentation from Heel USA president and CEO Thierry Montfort on the company history and an overview of homeopathy, which he stated should be composed of “effective yet gentle medicine.” Retail Sales Manager Gibson Archer next offered some analysis of the homeopathy market and how his company fits into the picture. He stated that the homeopathy market has grown by 4% over the past year to $31 million (U.S. natural channel, per SPINS data, 52-week period ending Sept. 4, 2010), and sales of his company’s products are up 9% to nearly $3 million.

After a tour of the firm’s FDA-regulated facility the following day, Heel Medical Advisor Kristy Anderson, NMD, offered a deeper discussion of the principles of homeopathy and offered data behind its anti-inflammation product Traumeel and its immune support product Engystol. Then, Mirchell Coven, president of Vitality Works, spoke about the importance of high-quality sourcing and processing when it comes to plant-based medicine.

More information about homeopathy is available in this month’s Consumer Bulletin.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2010 (published ahead of print on November 1, 2010)