HerbalGram Celebrates 35 Years of Publication

Austin,TX– The American Botanical Council’s quarterly journal, HerbalGram celebrates its 35 year anniversary. It began in 1983 as a black-and-white newsletter and today has expanded to an 82-page visual journal.

ABC founder and executive director, Mark Blumenthal produced the first issue of HerbalGram, which was then titled “Herb News” with the subtitle “Herbalgram.”

“The publication has served as the go-to source for detailed perspectives on developing herb-related topics for 35 years,” said Steven Foster, an herbalist, photographer, author, and ABC Board of Trustees member. “The publication is at the forefront of covering topics such as herb conservation and the effect of climate change on herb crops, clear assessments of regulatory and market developments, as well as emerging science.”

Along with this information, it also publishes an annual Herb Market Report which describes the trends of the botanical dietary supplement market in the United States. For more information about The American Botanical Council click here.