Hudson River Foods Acquires Dancing Deer & Hodgson Mill


Castleton, NY–Hudson River Foods, a family of organic, non-GMO, kosher, vegan and allergy-free food and beverages, announced in a press release that it has acquired two companies: Dancing Deer Baking Co., a Boston-based gourmet gift basket company, and  Hodgson Mill, an Effingham, IL-based manufacturer of flours, cereals, baking ingredients and baking mixes.

“With these strategic acquisitions, Hudson River Foods continues to reinforce its leadership position in every aspect of the non-GMO, kosher and organic food and beverage market,” said Donna Ratner, COO of Hudson River Foods. “We’ve come a long way since we first started selling green drinks in 2005 and made our first acquisition in 2008. We’re absolutely thrilled to bring these cutting-edge brands into the fold.”

Both companies have transitioned operations to Hudson River Foods’ headquarters in the Hudson River Valley, just south of Albany. According to the  release, this environmentally conscious 100,000-square-foot manufacturing plant is outfitted with energy-efficient HVAC systems and LED lighting for the Hudson River Foods family of brands, which also includes Tempt HempEuropean Gourmet BakeryCherrybrook KitchenEpic Seed479 PopcornHealthy To Go and High Country Kombucha.


  1. And since they acquired Hodgson Mill, all of their products have been sold out and removed from all store shelves. The only allergy free flour, now vanished! My baking busines is shot!

  2. Desperate for Hodgson Mill buckwheat pancake flour, in quantity, I use it for large community breakfasts serving 300-500 people…

  3. Have been using various Hodgson Mill products, but especially the whole wheat bran muffin mix. Will they ever be back?

  4. Still looking for Hodgson Mill oat bran cereal, which disappeared from the shelves of my supermarket and has yet to reappear nearly a year later despite claims that it will soon. Any chance we will see it again?

  5. When will Hodgson Mills rye flour be available again? I’ve used and relied on it for over 30 years. It’s the best rye flour around.


  6. I’m looking for the bread machine mixes formerly distributed by Hodgsons MIlls.
    Do you carry them or do you carry the equivalent?


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