NPA’s Grassroots Network Sends Letter of Support for The Health Savings Act

On Feb. 11, 2016, the Natural Products Association (NPA) announced its grassroots network generated and sent more than 1,000 letters to Congress in support of the proposed Health Savings Act of 2016.

The legislation, which is sponsored by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, and Representative Erik Paulsen (R-MN(, who is a member of the House Ways & Means Committee, would allow Americans to spend their tax-exempt Health Saving Accounts and Flexible Spending Account dollars on nutritional and dietary supplements without a doctor’s prescription.

In a news release, NPA’s CEO and Executive Director, Daniel Fabricant, PhD., stated that the proposed legislation “is a commonsense move to help consumers live a healthier and more balanced lives, and that’s why our members are mobilizing to support it.”

The legislation would also expand the term “medical care” to include herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, meal replacement products and other dietary and nutritional supplements while allowing consumers to spend up to $1,000 each year on these products. 

Published on WholeFoods Magazine Online 2/19/2016