Onerous Bill on Supplements Industry Struck Down

dietary supplements puerto rico

Washington, D.C.—The onerous Puerto Rico Senate Bill (SB) 1599 has been dismissed. It is no longer a threat to the dietary supplements industry.

Using Administrative Order 346, the bill would have placed several taxes on the dietary supplement industry. It also would have increased the cost of supplements under a controversial regulatory scheme. The bill failed the pass the House of Representatives by the June 25 deadline.

Trade Group Efforts

At least two industry trade groups put much effort into seeing the bill defeated. The Natural Products Association launched a grassroots campaign to have consumers tell their Congressmen to strike down Puerto Rico Administrative Order No. 346.

Meanwhile, the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) contacted the P.R. Department of Health and P.R. Senate and House members with opposition letters. The group also engaged retailers and organized a grassroots effort with the help of companies.

Mike Greene, vice president of government relations at CRN, noted in a press statement, “We’re keeping close watch on what’s happening in Puerto Rico and staying vigilant to protect the industry and the people who value dietary supplements.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine Online, 6/30/15