Remembering Bernie Lucich

After a two-month fight with esophageal cancer, Bernard “Bernie” Lucich passed away at the beginning of October.

A staple at industry events for decades, Lucich was the sales manager for World Organic Corp and Licata Enterprises. He greeted many a tradeshow attendee at the Licata booth with a smile and a joke while wearing his I Love Lucy tie featuring the Vitametavegemin episode.

Al Licata, Ph.D., company chairman, said Lucich “was part of our family” and would be “sorely missed.”  Lucich was passionate about Ohio State football and his customers, “often taking orders at 4 a.m. or on Sundays to accommodate their needs,” says the company.

Lucich was the co-founder of Nature’s Concept, and then formed Vita-Vista. Both companies were bought by Licata Enterprises in 1991. Prior to that, Lucich worked for Marion Laboratories and Signet Laboratories.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2013 (online 10/21/13)