Shoppers Want Local Produce, Aren’t Eating Enough

Chicago, IL—According to recent Mintel research, more than half of consumers are reporting that it is more important to buy local produce than organic. Mintel’s Global New Products Database has data showing products with a natural/organic claim have declined 58% between 2008–2011. Vegetable products with the same claim are doing even worse, dropping by 77% during the same time period.

John N. Frank, category manager of CPG food and drinks reports at Mintel, claims that organic produce from far-away farms isn’t taboo, but local produce is starting to hold its own ground. He continues with the observation that senior citizens are more likely to believe in buying local produce than organic.

Though the debate between local and organic will continue, we may have bigger fish to fry. Americans still aren’t eating the recommended daily amounts of fruit and veggies. On a typical day, 14% of Americans admit not eating any servings of fruit at all, and 7% report the same for the consumption of vegetables. Some 69% of people admit that they should consume more fruits and veggies than they are currently eating.

About 37% of consumers say their fresh vegetables usually go bad before they have a chance to use them. Frank argues that this is due to a lack of ideas in preparation. About 27% of people agree that they would eat more vegetables if they knew how to properly prepare them.