Sweet Leaf Tea Partners with American Idol Judge Luke Bryan for 2019 Farm Tour

Austin, TXSweet Leaf Tea is partnering with American Idol judge and country music star Luke Bryan for his 2019 Farm Tour, according to a press release. The Farm Tour is an annual event that uses music to salute the farmers who bring food to America’s shelves, restaurants, and tables.

Bryan’s mission, according to the release, is to raise awareness about hard-working farmers—a mission born from his life as the son of a Georgia peanut farmer. His Farm Tour brings live concerts to small farming towns that don’t have large music venues, while helping to feed the hungry—use the hashtag #HeresToTheFarmer to donate a meal to a food bank through Feeding America, sponsored by Bayer—and providing scholarships to students from farming families who are attending their local college or university.

Bryan shared in the release: “The idea behind this tour is to bring full production concerts to small towns that would not see larger scale shows. Growing up in rural Georgia we had to drive to larger cities to see concerts. It is so exciting to watch each of these shows being built like a small city in itself in the empty pasture land of these farms. We can feel the pride from the people in these towns as well as the farmers and it takes everyone coming together to pull them off!”

“Sweet Leaf couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Luke Bryan for this year’s Farm Tour,” said Bill Meissner, CEO of Dunn’s River Brands, parent company of Sweet Leaf Tea, which features a lineup of iced teas and lemonades made from natural, organic ingredients for homemade flavor. “For years, Sweet Leaf has been dedicated to creating products that are organic, authentic, and delicious—and none of this would be possible without the farmers who supply companies like ours with the high-quality ingredients that help make tea-drinking fans happy. We’re excited to support and bring attention to the wonderful work local U.S. farmers do to nourish our families.”

Dates, locations, and tickets are available here.