Thailand to Use Andrographis to Treat COVID-19

Andrographis paniculata plant on background .

Bradenton, FL—Thailand has made a decision to clear the use of Andrographis paniculata as an herbal medicine to treat COVID-19, a move which HP Ingredients (HPI) says bodes well for the global botanical industry.

On December 30, Bloomberg reported that Andrographis “will serve as an alternative treatment to reduce the severity of the outbreak and cut treatment costs,” citing Thailand’s health ministry. The treatment will be available in five state-owned hospitals.

Thailand made the decision after a surge in cases—250 new cases in one day, bringing the nation’s total to nearly 7,000.

Bloomberg reports that the health ministry pointed to studies finding that Andrographis extract can curb the virus and reduce the severity of inflammation, and human trials showing that patient conditions improved within three days of treatment, without side effects, if treated within 72 hours of testing positive.

Andrographis will be available on a voluntary basis for those in the 18-60 age group with minor symptoms.

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The Immune Boom

Annie Eng, CEO of HPI, stated in the press release: “Thailand is leading the world in allowing use of A. paniculata as a botanical implement to optimize immune function. We support the nation’s decision to justify this use by conceding that human clinicals with favorable outcomes show worthwhile cause to do so.”

There are currently two human clinical trials occurring for HPI’s branded Andrographis, ParActin, both intended to test efficacy for supporting immune function in times of stress. One is testing 150mg of ParActin daily for three months in frontline healthcare workers; that study is looking to see if ParActin will reduce the incidence of contracting COVID-19 and the common cold. The second study is a placebo-controlled study that is testing 600mg ParActin, 1200mg MaquiCare maqui berry extract, and 600mg ParActin combined with 1200mg MaquiCare to determine efficacy in reducing severity of upper respiratory tract illnesses.

Eng added: “Continual research into botanical uses for common health and wellness goals is critical for the industry to evolve to meet the needs of consumers globally. There isn’t just ‘one breakthrough study’ but a steady stream of studies showing the same result time and again that will strengthen the persuasive case for more valuable use of botanicals more straightforwardly in human health.”