Vitamin Angels Introduces New Campaign

Santa Barbara, CA—Vitamin Angels has launched a new campaign to help deliver micronutrients to 30 million children lacking the resources to receive proper nutrition.

The delivery of these vitamins can often be a long and difficult trip, sometimes taking up to two months for countries to receive these potentially lifesaving goods; the cargo needs to be shipped across the United States, flown to the beneficiary country and transported by truck on underdeveloped, dirt roads. The Precious Cargo campaign has been set up to cut down on wait time and help get the micronutrients faster to those in need.

The organization’s goal was to raise $200K by December 31, 2012, with help from their sponsors who have pledged to match donations up to $100K throughout December.

Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization dedicated to distributing vitamins, especially vitamin A, and minerals to children and mothers in need in countries where governments may not be able to provide. In 2012, the organization sought to reach 25 million children in over 40 countries, including the U.S., and hopes to help 30 million in 2013.

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Published in WholeFoods Magazine, January 2013 (online Dec. 7, 2012)