What’s Selling Quarterly Analysis: Q4

In this What’s Selling Analysis, we’ve analyzed data from October to December to see what ‘s trending.

In the Supplements category, Garcinia cambogia—consistently popular throughout the year—is still selling in multiple regions. Also making strong sales are probiotics and senior care supplements. Fish oil is another big seller this quarter.

For Foods, the gluten-free breads trend from last quarter has expanded to include a variety of artisan breads. Healthy snacks are still popular as well, with almonds, chia seeds and a variety of healthy chips making appearances. The Beverages category has pretty much stayed on an even path for the entire year, with kombucha and coconut water dominating in nearly every region and bottled water and soft drinks also making repeat appearances.

The HABA category has seen a rise in sales for essential oils, continuing from previous quarters. Soaps are strong sellers, and natural oral care products are carving out a presence.

Up and Coming items are covering a wider spread of products this quarter than previous ones. One common category was facial care products, an up-and-comer in Q3 as well. Healthy indulgences like snacks and candies also had a bump this quarter.

Moving to regional trends, consumers in the Northeast consistently bought honey this quarter, and chocolate products have been cited as up-and-comers for all three months. The oral health products trend in the Midwest is still going strong, with vitamin D supplements also being popular. Probiotics and gluten-free foods are strong in the Southeast, while alternative skin care options are still selling in the Southwest. Multivitamins are selling well in the West, while consumers in the Northwest are buying baked goods and juices.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2014